Forex Payment Gateway

Accept online payments with cards and alternative payment methods via various channels, anywhere in the world with Forex Payment Gateway.

Experience the best Forex Payment Gateway, with highly customisable features, enhanced security, and a comprehensive risk management solution — all through a single, unified integration

Accept Payments Globally with a Payment Gateway

We work with large and medium-sized online merchants from different industries, as well as with banks, payment systems, and other major market players. Our payment services are available globally, without geographical restrictions, and our clients and partners are located around the world.

Some of the companies that build great payment experiences with Grey Label Forex:

Unique Payment Experiences with a Payment Gateway

Tailored to Your Needs

ECOMMPAY is a payment gateway provider that combines acquiring capabilities, 100+ global and local payment methods, enhanced security capabilities, and technological innovation within a single, scalable integration.

100+ Payment Methods

Accept payments from users all over the world in any currency.

Let your customers choose a payment method they prefer and increase your conversions. ECOMMPAY offers more than 100 payment options, including the most popular regional and alternative payment methods.

Explore payment options here.

Forex Payment Gateway
Forex Payment Gateway

Fast and Secure Forex Payment Gateway Services

Unlock more revenue using our AI-based AntiFraud system.

Don’t miss out on sales – individual fraud detection setup for every merchant reduces the number of chargebacks.

A Customisable Online Forex Payment Gateway

A bespoke payment experience tailored to your exact requirements. ECOMMPAY’s online payment gateway can be seamlessly integrated with any channel of your preference.

Accept online and in-app payments via a highly customisable payment interface designed to convert. Receive payment via a payment page, payment link, API.

Forex Payment Gateway
Forex Payment Gateway

Meaningful Insights

Increase efficiency by leveraging insights from your Merchant’s Dashboard.

Grey Label Forex’s client interface enables you to monitor customer payments, analyse business operations, and export necessary data into integrated billing systems.

Unique Payment Experiences with a Secure Forex Payment Gateway Tailored to Your Needs

ECOMMPAY’s payment gateway combines acquiring capabilities, 100+ global and local payment methods, enhanced security capabilities, and technological innovation within a single, scalable integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payment gateway?

An online payment gateway is a technology that collects a customer’s payment data and transfers it to an acquirer. Once payment has been accepted or declined, data is then transferred back to the customer. Payment gateways are responsible for validating card data, keeping everything secure and ensuring funds are available. In short, a payment gateway acts as the middleman between the customer and merchant, acting as the mechanism that processes transactions.

How to choose a payment gateway provider?

When choosing payment gateway services for your business, the first important step is to ensure the provider is licensed to accept payments in all of the regions you intend to cover. ECOMMPAY, for example, holds licences that allow online payment processing all over the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Next, you’ll need to research which payment methods are most popular in the countries where you primarily operate and check that your potential provider can offer them. You’ll also need to ensure that their service can easily integrate into your website or general payment workflow. Finally, you’ll need to carefully consider whether your chosen payment gateway provider can offer the features you need to run your business successfully, including strong security, customisation options and attentive customer support.

How to add an online payment gateway to my website?

When adding a payment gateway for website applications, you can either connect to your provider’s cloud-based service using a plugin (for content management systems such as WordPress, Magento or nopCommerce) or use an API integration to give more control over the design and functionality of your payment pages.

If your company only works with credit and debit card payments, you could also go a different route and integrate a payment gateway using an encryption script, which is a hybrid method that gives merchants more control over their checkout page design, but uses an encryption code provided by the payment service provider to ensure high security.

Is it possible to test the integration before launching the project?

When using GreyLabelForex’s payment gateway, merchants can set up a test environment that allows them to build an integration in their own time and prepare for a seamless switch to live traffic.

Why should I choose GreyLabelForex’s payment gateway?

The flexibility of ECOMMPAY’s platform, combined with exceptional customer support, makes us one of the best payment gateway providers. GreyLabelForex’s gateway is part of a full fintech ecosystem that allows merchants to make online payments and payouts globally, combined with total flexibility, class-leading security and a team of experts who monitor your payment processes to achieve high conversion and help you grow your business.

Is GreyLabelForex's gateway secure?

ECOMMPAY’s secure payment gateway is PCI DSS compliant, with a unique in-house built fraud detection and prevention system that is able to stop 97% of fraudulent transactions. With powerful risk management and individual fraud detection parameters for each client, GreyLabelForex keeps merchants safe whilst greatly reducing the number of chargebacks.

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